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Rights and Permissions
Welcome to the Rights Department of Borg Publishing Ltd publishers of Comicdrome. We deal with rights enquiries, including translation and serial, and permissions enquiries for Comicdrome throughout the world.

We can be contacted as follows:
Rights Department
Borg Publishing
PO Box 37845
W12 0ZA


The Rights Department handles rights requests for Comicdrome. We control the worldwide publishing rights.

Borg Publishing also handle serial rights in Comicdrome. If you wish to reproduce one or more extracts from Comicdrome in a newspaper, magazine or other periodical please send your request by email or letter to the Rights Department.

Requests for translation rights should be sent to the Rights Department by email at the address below. Please note that we only consider translation rights requests from bona fide publishing companies, not from private individuals. We do not translate books ourselves or publish books in languages other than English.

It is necessary to request permission to reproduce extracts from a work in another printed work or in educational course packs or on a web site. These requests are dealt with as permissions and should be sent in writing to the Rights Department.

Any other rights queries should be sent in writing to the Rights Department.


If you wish to reproduce an extract from Comicdrome please take a moment to check the following details before contacting us:

1. Short extracts reproduced for research, study, reporting, criticism or review may not require payment or permission, but you should ensure that a full acknowledgement is given to the author, title, publisher and year of publication as listed on the copyright page. Short extracts are defined as 'one extract of less than 400 words, or a series of extracts from the same Work up to a total of 800 words, of which no single extract should be more than 300 words.' If in doubt as to whether you need permission please contact us.

2. We charge for most other uses of copyright material; charges depend on how and where the material is to be used.

3. Administering permissions requests can take some time - we aim to respond within four days of receiving a request, but in a busy time it may take longer. Please allow sufficient time to obtain permissions clearance.

Please send your permission request to the Rights Department by email and include the following details:

  • Exact extent of the material you wish to use, including number of words, page numbers or a photocopy of the relevant material.
  • Title, author and publisher of the publication in which you plan to use the extract
  • Anticipated first print run
  • Territories in which this publication will be made available (eg UK only, UK and British Commonwealth, World).
  • Your name, address, fax and telephone numbers
  • Date by which permission is needed.

If permission is granted, you will receive a letter from us with an invoice (if applicable) for the fee due, which should be paid promptly.

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