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This first edition of Comicdrome is the world’s largest and most accessible joke book, with more than 12,000 of the best – and worst – jokes ever told, faithfully reproduced in a database equivalent to 3,400 pages!
A searchable CD-ROM is the only rational way of accessing so many jokes, especially when each joke has been carefully classified according to its category and subcategory and then rated under one of each of the following:-
Genre: one-liner,  two-liner,  normal length,  rhyme and shaggy-dog story.
Rating: from * to ***** stars.
Type: dirty,  clean,  sick,  childish,  ethnic,  pun,  quote,  toast,  trivia or quip.
Language:   swear words,  no swear words,  innuendo,  slightly rude or obscene.
Origin: UK,  USA,  Australia,  Canada,  New Zealand and South Africa.
If that isn’t enough, each joke can be searched for every instance of a word, in every joke, in seconds!!
Comicdrome is fully compatible with all text based applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
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Comicdrome simply outwits all other joke books!
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The only joke book you will ever need. It makes the best gift ever!
The Comicdrome CD-ROM
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